Uniting technology to deliver true 1:1 personalisation

For decades marketers have dreamed of engaging with each of their customers on an individual basis. Today, thanks to the Conversant Personalisation Platform, many of the world’s leading brands are engaging with their customers on a profoundly personal level. Our platform offers everything necessary to help you deliver more personalised and individualised communications. What’s more, it’s designed for flexibility; the level of personalisation, data integration, creative development, cross-channel delivery and measurement sophistication are completely up to you. 



The Conversant Personalisation Platform


1. Data & Profiles

Personalisation requires rich insights into individual needs, preferences and motivations. The Conversant Personalisation Platform leverages profiles assembled from vast amounts of diverse marketing information including proprietary brand data along with Conversant-exclusive behavioural, demographic, purchase and ad interaction data. Event-level insights found within that data are associated with individual anonymous profiles resulting in an unparalleled customer understanding. 

2. Creative Optimisation

The Conversant Personalisation Platform creates the most relevant and effective messaging streams possible. For clients that supply their own creative, the Platform selects “best fit” messages from the wide array of innovative creative solutions for each audience segment. Our innovative creative solution set includes dozens of options for display, rich media, video and mobile. Advertisers that complete a first-party data integration and choose to utilise the Platform’s advanced dynamic messaging capabilities benefit from fully personalised ads. Virtually every aspect of these ads are personalised to perfectly reflect the unique needs, interests and motivations of each individual.

3. Identification & Delivery

Personalisation requires turning deep individual insights into tailored brand experiences. Conversant does this by leveraging its massive data resources, expansive media footprint and deep integrations with thousands of website and app publishers to identify users more accurately and more often across channels and devices. Brands that complete a first-party data integration benefit from Conversant’s revolutionary identification network that is proven to identify individuals far more accurately than other providers. 

4. Measurement & Insights

One of the most essential components of personalisation is the ability to measure, monitor and understand the true impact of marketing. Conversant solutions deliver the richest measurement and insights possible. All solutions provide incredibly granular insights and dynamic optimisation against campaign performance metrics, but with first-party data integration, the measurement and optimisation capabilities increase exponentially. Our holistic online/offline conversion tracking and statistically validated test and control analytics enable us to measure and optimise against incremental ROI.  This delivers unprecedented results and superior insight into the true drivers of ROI for your brand.

Privacy By Design

Conversant’s approach is to both protect the public’s anonymity and provide benefits to advertisers, publishers, and consumers alike. We believe our approach serves to improve the Internet experience and encourages the proliferation of free online content. As well as embracing all industry standard privacy protection practices in every country we operate, Conversant also takes many additional steps to protect consumer privacy. We offer every consumer a choice in what data we collect and how we use (or don’t use) that data to deliver marketing messages to them.

Conversant implements Privacy by Design within our business best practices to ensure that every step – from data collection, storage, use and its disposal – is done with extraordinary care and with great responsibility.