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Revolutionise your digital marketing with The power of personalSM  

At ConversantTM our mission is simple - help marketers drive deep consumer engagement and profound brand growth by building personal connections with individuals. One at a time, by the millions. We are transforming digital marketing by empowering leading brands to engage in one-to-one conversations with each of their customers and prospects. We can help virtually any brand leverage the power of personalisation to improve marketing results. Every brand and every buyer has unique needs and objectives. Conversant offers different solutions that can be tailored to meet any advertiser's specific goals and budget.

  • Conversant’s Media Solutions and CJ Affiliate Solutions offer a comprehensive suite of complete products that deliver superior results. These solutions offer varying degrees of personalisation to meet the needs and exceed the goals of leading media professionals and affiliate marketers.

Find the Solution That's Right for You

Media Solutions

Leverage superior individual insights across channels and devices

We leverage vast amounts of exclusive cross-device purchase, browsing, interaction and shopping data to create incredibly rich user profiles proven to be more accurate than that of other leading providers. Superior individual insights allows us to uniquely identify your ideal audience. Our innovative and comprehensive creative suite provides you with creative formats to work with for every channel and every device. Conversant identifies more of your ideal consumers wherever they are online and delivers your brand messages seamlessly as they migrate between channels and devices.

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Affiliate Solutions

Grow your brand with the undisputed leader in affiliate marketing

CJ Affiliate Solutions can help you expand your reach, deepen customer relationships and grow your brand. CJ Affiliate is the most respected and productive affiliate network in the world, offering more of the industry’s best publishers, brands and programmes. Our renowned service, unique category and programme insights and relentless innovation are just a few of the reasons why brands who switch to CJ enjoy unprecedented growth. For 2014, CJ Affiliate continues to lead the industry in innovative new ways to grow your business, including the first-of-its-kind personalised affiliate solution.

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