From expert programme management to intuitive self service solutions

Conversant’s CJ Affiliate is structured to deliver an exceptional level of experience, expertise and strategic support to advertisers. Dedicated teams focused on technical support, network quality and account services work with advertisers as strategic partners in managing their affiliate programmes. In fact, more that 70 percent of our employees work in client-facing roles. And we hold the industry’s longest average employee tenure with an average of four years. That counts!

We offer our clients the option to choose the level of service that works best for them.


Full Programme Management

For advertisers who want a fully outsourced affiliate programme management solution
Our expert teams work with you to understand your business goals, create growth strategies, execute daily tasks, create reports and deliver insight into what’s working well and where programme improvements can be made.

  • Account set-up and launch support
  • CJ platform and publisher network access
  • Assigned help and support representative
  • Publisher recruiting and optimisation
  • Business goals and programme strategy alignment
  • Execution of all affiliate programme management tasks
  • Customised analysis, insights and recommendations


Recruiting and Optimisation

For advertisers who prefer to run the day-to-day aspects of their programmes, but need help recruiting new publishers
Our expert affiliate services team works with you to develop and execute effective publisher recruiting and optimisation strategies.

  • Account set-up and programme launch support
  • CJ platform and publisher network access
  • Assigned help and support representative
  • Publisher recruiting and optimisation


Network Access

For advertisers who want to run their own affiliate programme management
Network Access means your team will have access to CJ’s publisher network and full use of our industry-leading platform. Advertisers receive assistance getting their programs successfully launched along with ongoing support from our customer support team and access to self-help tools. While traditional affiliate programme software options offer basic tracking services, our robust tools help you efficiently optimise publisher partnerships to drive growth.

  • Account set-up and program launch support
  • CJ platform and affiliate network access
  • Pooled help and support services


Agency Support Services

Our agency support services were created to help all types of digital advertising agencies drive results for their clients. We’ll provide your agency team with a central point of contact — whether you’re promoting one, or many, performance-based programmes. CJ pros can either work with you behind the scenes or team up directly with you and your clients. 

  • Generate incremental revenue for your agency
  • Leverage CJ’s expertise and resources to generate greater results for your clients
  • Tailor the most appropriate service level for each client


Advertiser Toolbox

With the most flexible and feature-rich user interface in the industry at their fingertips, advertisers can streamline day-to-day programme management activities, help publishers create more dynamic website content and monitor transactions in real time.

See our Advertiser Toolbox at