Engage Consumers throughout their Decision Journey

Unlike many of our competitors, we view the potential of the affiliate channel with an innovative mindset. Because CJ Affiliate considers the consumer’s entire journey with your brand we see opportunities all along the way. From influencing at the Catalyst phase to forging lasting connections in the Post Conversion phase, affiliate marketing builds stronger, long-lasting brand relationships. 


1. Catalyst

Once a consumer decides they need a product or service, they start with a short list of options based on initial brand awareness. TV, radio, print, word-of-mouth, online display advertising, social media and affiliate all play an ongoing role in shaping a consumer's awareness of their brand options. 


2. Evaluation 

Given all the marketing noise out there, it can be challenging to make a connection during this important phase. The CJ Affiliate Network partners with a variety of powerful publisher websites that provide relevant, compelling information to the consumer as they consider and evaluate all of their options. For example, search engine and shopping comparison publishers let users cross-shop countless products and services all in one place. They’re a key destination for any consumer who wants more control over how they learn about products. The influence of bloggers can’t be underestimated in the Evaluation phase. So, we partner with thousands of the world’s most-read bloggers, because when a trusted blogger makes a recommendation, their readers listen!


3. Conversion

Our solutions are uniquely poised to engage today’s value-driven consumers. The channel is well known for its ability to close the deal. In fact, affiliate marketing drives the highest conversion rates and average order sizes of any channel.

According to Forrester Consulting (2012), 55 percent of shoppers say they always check for deals before making a purchase so the quality distribution of your offer is critical to your success. We work with leading publishers who create comprehensive collections of coupons, deals, promotions and sales to help bargain shoppers discover your brand as they seek savings opportunities at critical points of conversion.


4. Post Conversion 

Each time a consumer interacts with your brand they have an experience that shapes their opinion. These opinions are what dictate brand loyalty. In rare instances, the post-conversion experience is so powerful that a brand is able to produce a lifetime of conversions from a customer. However, it is far more likely that the next time a consumer has a need, that purchase catalyst will trigger a whole new decision journey and a whole new marketing battle for consumer attention. Partners that offer powerful ways to connect and engage with these consumers at every stage of the decision journey ensure that your brand is present and ready to fulfill their need.


5. Loyalty Loop

A hyper-competitive marketplace and limitless online information have dramatically impacted consumer buying behavior and loyalty. Actively loyal customers, who not only stick with a brand, but also energetically recommend it, are especially valuable and increasingly rare. Only a handful of brands command that kind of loyalty — where consumers convert without evaluating other options.

Whether out of laziness or choice overload, most consumers today are only passively loyal. Even if they make repeat purchases, they tend to remain open to alternative brands. Today, even beloved industry leaders must frequently win back their customers. Our affiliate publishers have a powerful presence at critical evaluation and conversion points. Casting a wide net will ensure that you keep your loyal customers loyal and continually add new customers to your base.