The #1 Affiliate Network — Everything You Need to Maximise Performance

With more than a decade of experience in affiliate marketing, CJ helps advertisers reach more potential customers, increase sales and drive meaningful results on pay-for-performance-based pricing models.


Consumer Insights

We are innovating robust reporting tools to provide you a comprehensive view of consumer engagement — by publisher and for the channel overall. Whether it’s an analysis of new customers vs. existing, average order, or lifetime value, we will leverage the Conversant Personalisation Platform to help structure your programme to ensure your overall goals and objectives are being met.



With 60,000 active publishers, CJ has developed the most diverse and productive network in the industry. We dedicate unparalleled resources to publisher development to ensure that you’re working with the highest quality publishers in over 30 advertiser categories. Plus, we’re developing publishers of the future, driven by content, mobile, social and beyond. We create the tools needed to increase brand connections where consumers engage online so you can tap into what’s right for your brand and business.



Our solutions offer advertisers the resources and expertise needed to expand their global footprint, acquire new customers and position their brand for international success. With over ten years of experience in international markets and a global network of the best affiliates, we’re constantly exploring new opportunities for global expansion so advertisers can sell more and generate more revenue worldwide.



With more than 70 percent of CJ employees working in client-facing roles, we hold the industry’s longest average employee tenure with an average of four years. The world’s most innovative and successful brands choose CJ two-to-one over competitors because of the industry-leading, strategic insights our experienced and knowledgeable teams provide our clients.



Our Network Quality team uses industry leading technology and hands-on experience to monitor website traffic quality and enforce advertiser brand guidelines. These guidelines ensure compliance with the rules of the Network and each advertiser’s unique marketing policies.


CJU - Conversant's CJ University

For 15 years, we’ve brought affiliate advertisers, publishers and agencies together for CJU, the definitive affiliate networking and learning experience. Whether you’re looking to create new business opportunities, refresh strategies with long-term partners, develop initiatives for your business or tap into hands-on training from our experts, CJU is the perfect place to raise your game.