Extend the power of your affiliate marketing

Whether you and your team want to increase audience reach, acquire new customers, sell more to existing buyers or improve the return on your ad spend, Conversant’s CJ Affiliate has a solution for you.


Lead Generation

Our lead-generation solutions help advertisers reach and connect with new customers. We focus on lead quality and work with advertisers to extend their audience reach by connecting them with effective, performance-based, lead generation opportunities that are incremental to their affiliate marketing programs.


Pay Per Call

Our Pay Per Call offerings help advertisers connect with prospective customers on the phone — the perfect solution when more complex product or service options need to be explained and communicated. Publishers promote your products and services via unique, trackable numbers. CJ brings cost certainty and pay-for-performance to the call centre. 


Personalized Media

Our Personalized Media solution delivers advertisers the opportunity to break the episodic nature of most digital display and connect with consumers on an ongoing, one-to-one basis. Conversant’s CJ Affiliate delivers unparalleled audience insights and reach to create scale and to enable smart decision-making for maximum sales impact.


Product Data Feed Optimisation

Our Product Data Feed Optimisation solution provides advertisers an optimised affiliate marketing feed tailored to their unique specifications. Give publishers the access they need to your products so they can deliver maximum sales. 


App Engagement

Our App Engagement solution provides advertisers with the opportunity to increase iOS app installs and drive app awareness with what we do best: accurate tracking and reporting, combined with broad reach. App Engagement delivers the insights needed to optimise publisher efforts and climb the app store rankings. 


Site to Store

Our Site to Store solution provides advertisers the opportunity to generate more in-store sales through our ability to track and reward publishers for offline sales. Leverage the power of affiliate marketing to drive offline sales and see incredible results.