Revolutionising Affiliate through the power of personalisation

We believe in The power of personalSM. For marketers ready to take their programmes to the next level, Conversant is innovating a bold new approach to affiliate marketing — one designed to treat each consumer as an individual with product and offer preferences that will help drive higher sales. 


Coming in 2014

CJ is innovating a bold new approach to affiliate marketing — Affiliate Personalisation. This major advance in affiliate marketing will leverage the Conversant Personalisation Platform to identify and customise promotional offers for select target segments, such as new and existing customers, to increase conversions and drive more sales. Thanks to the intelligence of these programmes, brands, agencies and affiliates will enjoy higher response rates and an increase in sales. 


The Power of the Richest Profiles

This solution leverages the industry’s most robust consumer profiles to uncover actionable insights that provide a deeper understanding of what motivates different consumer segments. We then use those insights to create personalised creative and offers and deliver those to individuals. At the perfect time. In the perfect place. Across all their devices. 


Personalisation Unleashed!

By calibrating each impression to the individual across every channel and device, brands will be able to create more relevant, meaningful exchanges and drive loyalty as well as growth.