Multichannel Ad Serving

The Conversant Ad Server offers the most comprehensive set of capabilities you can find in the ad serving category. We provide brands and agencies with robust capabilities and industry-leading flexibility in a true cross-channel ad serving, management and campaign reporting platform.

True multichannel ad serving capabilities

The Conversant Ad Server uses data from across all the leading digital channels to inform more precise user targeting and to better orchestrate creative messaging to individual users. Ad serving decisions are informed by marketing events across Paid Search, Natural Search, Display, Video, Mobile, Social, Affiliate, Rich Media and more. This cross-channel ad server creates a complete and precise view of a prospect – that can ultimately drive better decisions and increase ROI.

Universal ad serving and campaign management

The Conversant Ad Server offers a single platform to serve, manage and report across Search, Display, Video, Mobile, Affiliate, Social, Rich Media and more. It’s a cross-channel ad server that makes ad management remarkably efficient.

  • Manage Insertion Orders: Reduce the effort and potential errors from manual management of your IOs
  • Load Creative: Eliminate the time and complexity of publisher-direct ad trafficking
  • Tag Units: Minimize potential mistakes while tagging a large numbers of units
  • Add and Shift Placements: Change programs across publishers, channels and placements
  • Test: Ensure your spending and creative tests go smoothly
  • Issue Alerts: Receive alerts when serving issues arise and leverage the tools and technical support to fix them

Many targeting options

With Conversant Ad Server you have the flexibility to focus your efforts with a broad variety of targeting options:

  • Geography – Country, state, DMA, zip code
  • Demographics – Gender, age, life stage, income, ethnicity
  • Device – Computer, smartphone, tablet
  • Connection Speed – High speed or dial up
  • Site Browsing Behavior – Site visits, content visited
  • Browsing Behaviors – Buying behaviors, interests
  • Offer Targeting – Dynamic creative, offer segmentation
  • Sequential Creative – Creative storyboarding

Faster optimization

In addition, our ad serving platform correlates multichannel data more quickly. With Conversant Ad Server’s superior cross-channel data correlation capabilities, you can identify and act on opportunities in real time, which is critical in categories where decision making is only a few days or less.