Advertising Data Management

The Conversant Adserver offers a full service data management platform that makes it easy to collect and maintain marketing data across all your digital efforts. Conversant implements data management best practices for improved actionability and activates your first-party brand data rather than simply managing third-party audience segments.

Centralized, comprehensive and clean

Conversant Adserver delivers a unified dataset:

  • Combines All Data: Records from each channel are incorporated into a centralized database
  • Cleans Records: Data management platform software eliminates errors so the combined dataset offers maximum utility
  • Standardizes Formats: Each channel’s data is aligned to a standard structure within the data management platform
  • De-Duplication: Redundant records are eliminated to improve database integrity
  • Offline Integration: Link online data to offline transactions

Multichannel data management and collection

Conversant Adserver collects, cleans and manages relevant data in all of these critical channels:

  • Display: Impressions, interactions, clicks and conversions
  • Video: Plays, time spent, interactions, clicks
  • SEM: Clicks and conversions
  • SEO: Click throughs to your website and conversions
  • Affiliate: Clicks and conversions
  • Social: Impressions, clicks and conversions