Conversant Tag Manager

Website tags are the lifeblood of effective digital marketing. And while they empower a variety of tools to help you understand your visitors how to meet their needs, they can also be the bane of a marketer’s existence. For many companies the process by which tags are added and managed is frustrating and ultimately out of the marketing team’s control. With the Conversant Tag Manager we offer a simpler solution for how to streamline the site tagging process to ensure highly accurate data collection.

Next Generation Tag Manager

Conversant Tag Manger is a leading-edge tag management system that eliminates the pain points of manual tag management. Conversant Tag Manager replaces all of the tags on your site with a single, lightweight piece of code. Once in place, the Conversant Tag Manager radically simplifies data collection while ensuring maximum data accuracy.

Better Tagging Processes and Better Data

Conversant Tag Manager offers a remarkable range of benefits over both manual tagging and simplistic tag managers.

  • No need to tap into IT: Easily add, remove and manage site tags without involving IT
  • Act Faster:  Adding new tags takes minutes, not weeks
  • Improve Site Performance: Dramatically improve site function and page load time
  • Ensure Data Accuracy: Automatically monitor tag health to ensure you’re collecting the data you want and need
  • Prevent Data Leakage: Monitor tags on your site and eliminate those that are not relevant
  • Meet Consumer Privacy Demands: Easily comply with industry guidelines

Simplicity and Oversight

Conversant Tag Manager is easy to implement. And after it’s in place, IT can provide tag management oversight without having to manually code marketing tags again. The intuitive web interface is safe, secure and can be learned in minutes. Start managing tags without any technical knowledge. It’s reliable, fast and easy. Conversant Tag Manager is the tag management system that can truly make a difference for your business.