Supercharge campaigns with individualised cross-device media

Get better results and greater engagement with individualised media solutions from Conversant. Our approach starts with deeper understanding of web users so we can craft ideal audiences for your brand. By bringing together vast, exclusive data sets from across channels and devices, we create incredibly rich anonymised consumer profiles. Using these profiles, we select the ideal target audience for your brand, individual by individual but at tremendous scale.

Once your target audience is defined, you can leverage our innovative cross-channel and cross-device creative suite to develop the perfect executions to motivate action. Conversant then uses its superior user identification technology to deliver your messages across our enormous media footprint spanning 25 RTB exchanges, thousands of direct publisher integrations, and SDK integrations into 20,000 mobile apps. A true expression of right audience, right message, right place, right time.


Individualised Approach

Superior data for richer individual insights

We identify your brand’s ideal target from our bank of more than 263 million verified, anonymous profiles. One by one, with unparalleled precision. By leveraging more user-level data and superior user insights we create the industry’s most accurate audience segments. We deliver more impactful brand engagements to individuals by selecting and delivering the most relevant messages from the creative you supply or that we've created together . With superior cross-channel scale and cross-device accuracy our Platform delivers messages to individuals with incredible precision at key moments of opportunity, regardless of channel or device.

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Our Difference

Exclusive, action-based data you can't find anywhere else

We don’t rely on commoditised third-party data, instead we leverage vast amounts of exclusive browsing, shopping, interaction and purchase data not found anywhere else. More than 263 million anonymised profiles, averaging more than 200 attributes each, are the key to individualising media. Our data is not just exclusive and free to our partners, it’s more accurate. Comscore recently indicated that our profiles are 17% more accurate than leading DSPs and networks and 43% more accurate than leading vertical networks. These exclusive insights power superior audience modeling, targeting accuracy and campaign optimisation.

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Reporting & Insights

Genuine insight into what truly drives performance

We deliver the most comprehensive campaign data in the industry. Our four-part Conversant reporting suite gives you a comprehensive perspective on your campaign’s performance.

  • Overall campaign stats and creative performance analysis
  • Granular insights on cross-device metrics
  • Campaign analysis of impacted brand measures
  • Results of campaign metrics including GRPs, TRPs, Reach and Frequency

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