Activate your data to create ongoing 1:1 Marketing Relationships

Conversant CRM Solutions, the world’s most advanced one-to-one marketing suite, helps clients build ongoing personal relationships between their brands and every person in their target audience. We enable marketers to leverage the full potential of their customer data to maximise relevance, engagement and sales by delivering hyper-personalised one-to-one marketing communications on a massive scale. Everything from the creative to the media placement is determined in real-time and at the user and impression level — delivering superior sales results and true brand affinity.

From programme strategy through performance analysis, we’ve designed a unique and innovative offering to give you all the benefits of one-to-one marketing, while minimising the impact on your resources. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a dedicated Conversant team managing, implementing and continually improving your brand’s personalised one-to-one marketing programme.

Profile Management 

Activate your brand data

Conversant unifies, enhances and interprets your customer intelligence to facilitate consistent and relevant one-to-one marketing experiences across channels. We ingest virtually any type of offline and online data and enrich it with proprietary shopper insights to create millions of the richest, most actionable profiles on earth — all continuously updated in real-time as new data becomes available. With insight into every person’s lifestyle, needs, motivations and future purchases, marketers can maximise the impact of each consumer engagement. Your Conversant profiles are the foundation for building personal relationships with customers and prospects. They can also be leveraged to help drive greater precision and efficiency in your agency- or internally-led prospecting efforts.

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Creative Optimisation

Personalised communications

Harness the power of extremely rich profiles to drive dynamic one-to-one marketing messages that perfectly reflect the purchases and behaviours of each individual. Deploy hundreds of thousands of ad variations with every aspect of every message fine-tuned at the user-level so your customers and prospects receive communications tailored specifically to their interests — from copy and imagery to format, products and offers. Instead of blasting disjointed campaigns to the masses, develop seamless, ongoing relationships with each individual across all digital touch points.

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Identification & Delivery

Individually optimised media delivery

Overcome media fragmentation with the most precise user identification available. Our proprietary network and first-party data relationships create superior individual identification, even as consumers engage with sites or apps and migrate between devices. Leverage deep insight into individual media consumption habits and preferences. Architect multi-channel, multi-device communication streams optimised at the user level to maximise incremental ROI. This one-to-one marketing engagement spans all channels and devices. We can also improve your prospecting efficiency by empowering your internal team or agency to avoid delivering acquisition messages to existing buyers.

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Reporting & Insights

Incremental ROI and business intelligence

Conversant has married its personalised solution suite with the industry’s most advanced digital measurement methodology to give marketers true ROI measurement and rich business insights. Conversant enables you to pinpoint the true incremental effects of your one-to-one marketing programmes on both revenue and brand metrics and across offline and online channels. You’ll also have access to invaluable insights to help you better understand the composition, browsing and purchase behaviours of your ideal targets. 

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Tools & Tech

Tag management, data management and ad serving

For brands and agencies looking for comprehensive data and ad management solutions, Conversant provides a wide range of leading tools and platforms. We offer the industry’s most robust tag management solution along with our proven ad serving and data management platforms. These solutions provide additional tools to improve marketing effectiveness by ensuring precise data collection and ad execution.

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