Precision performance measurement + actionable insights

When you work with Conversant Media, you get more than a few click and conversion metrics. Our reporting suite provides a complete view of your campaign performance including audience insights, brand impact data and reach/frequency measurement. 


Campaign Essentials Report

This component of our reporting suite defines what your campaign actually delivered with an accurate summary of:

  • Campaign pacing
  • Creative media and geography
  • Conversion rates
  • Audience mapping


Cross-Device Report

Receive a comprehensive report detailing the value of true cross-device including:

  • Cost effectiveness of exposure on multiple devices
  • Cross-device conversion rates compared with single-device conversion rates
  • Device attribution analysis
  • Cross-device brand lift


Brand Lift Report

Identify how awareness, purchase intent and brand favourability are positively affected by individualised targeting.


GRP Delivery Report

Uncover insights about the campaign as measured by classic reach and frequency metrics. This is particularly valuable for brands that focus on reach and frequency as primary media.